Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Ancient Dehdasht city


Ancient Dehdasht city or Belad-e Shapour is a unique collection of architecture and art of ancient Iran (in Kohgiluye and Boyer-Ahmad province) which has reached its ultimacy in Seljuq dynasty, this city is located in southern angle of present Dehdasht city in an area of 35 to 50 hectare.



The city’s structures were made of gypsum, plaster of lime and ashes or sand (mortar).

There are evidences of secondary and minor branches of silk road in this area. Existence of schools, caravanserai, mosques, a mall and seven shrines has gathered a unique collection of architecture master pieces in this city.



Ancient manuscripts indicate that this has been constructed by command of Ardeshir Babakan (the founder of Sasanian empire) in the name of his son Shapour.










Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari



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