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Setar Instrument, an instrument with an old history


Setar is one of the instruments of interest, and very filling application, musicians, noble .

Tourism of Persia – Musicians featured, including : Mirza Abdullah ,darvish Khan,arsalan,Joseph humble,Ahmad ebadi ,Mohammad Reza lotfi in this instrument have been, of course, the number of the names of the musicians is very high, which is the name of raising everyone’s problem.Sitar in the past, family time with the instrument, as two of the tar and the tanbur, has been and is today, to warp much closer.



In the music machine original use of the sitar Vogue, more have been though this more instrument for the soloist used . This instrument for any playing cook special .How to play the sitar to this species is that the musicians to be seated on the floor or a chair, straddle the bowler, i.e. the end section of the instrument that a round face and a little bit is pulled into the Diagonal and with 45-degree angle.



is on the thighs, feet right). And with the fingertips of the left hand on the curtain category, blurry, move up and right on a wire, hit the estimate. Usually for playing just the index finger, middle and in some cases, also use. But between the professors, the musician, the instrument, the use of the thumb for curtain measurement is used.



In the construction, tar from wood, walnut, or BlackBerry to build the hull of the maker, used, free page and category The maker of the metal, brass, and steel is for the construction of wire and bone for decorating tags are also used. Three tar four-wire to name : the acute steel color, white, Bronze yellow ,wire eager or stainless steel to white and the end of the wire, bass, from bronze to yellow.



Diameter of the first wire 22 micron wire ,a second 25 micron wire is the third 22 microns, and the wire, the fourth 40 microns.Sitar from the maker, stringed music in Iran is that the nail pointing right hand is played .Sitar significant 25 curtain Movement from sex, animal intestines or silk. The sound of this instrument, delicate, and somewhat sad.




Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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