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Grand bazaar of Tehran

This Bazaar is a monument of the Fathali Shah Qajar era. It comprises of corridors , a network of alleys and numerous shops. This bazaar is considered to be the main commercial market and trade center of Tehran and the country. The main sections of this trading center are comprised of the following : Bazaar-e-Amir, Timcheh (arcade) of Amir Aqdas, Timcheh of Sadr Aazam, Timcheh of Ketab forooshan or book sellers arcade.

Tehran market is one of the huge markets and unparalleled that much attention of the tourists is located, and all the peoples of the ordinary and also a lot of people from another country from this market see and purchase a wide do .

This market, located in the country Iran in Tehran province and Tehran city. This Market, Historical usage has
And high and great Station this is, according to the Safavid era.The period of this market to the qajar era, and is in date 2 aban, 1356 registration number 1540 to the National Register is reached.



This market in the area 12 urban Tehran. Location the market in the midst of the street) in the South, Mustafa Khomeini, in other words, Cyrus, the former in the East and fifteen khordad called, Boozar Republic of the former in the north and Khayyam in the West.And in Khayyam in the West, is located at the intersection of these streets, square, mohammedia, four way Rumi, the four-way Cyrus have been, and can be found from the streets to the big market, Tehran access.



The field, fifteen June, in out of market range and field range in the market, located in the, this market can be to pass loti competent named, which is one of the main Tehran Bazaar is considered.T market, Tehran: See tomas her boot in one of the travel letter, in the year 1108 lunar month,videlicet , coinciding with the Safavid era, this market no ceiling d escribed in, among, market, Tehran : the market, city of monuments, built during Mohammad Shah qajar and the market Amir, Saray, Amir, and market the shoemaker, from the era of Naser al-Din Shah.





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