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Abgosht , Such an Iranian nutrition food



Abgosht is a traditional and delicious Iranian food that the history of that come from beginning of sedentary.
This food is combine of water, potato, meat, fat, tomato, pea, onion, kidney bean, navy bean.



Dizi is the name of the dishes that Abgosht cooks inside of that. Dizi have 3 types that consisted of stony (called Dizi Sangi in Persian language), tegular and the most popular type of them that made of copper.




To eat this food traditionally first you should separate water from other combinations.




Then mix the water with pieces of bread (let the bread get wet then eat that) then bruise other combination and eat them.
Bread and onion and dough are complementary of this meal.
Bon appetite!





Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari 



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