What is important thing for us?
Showing Iran to foreigners is our important duty and this is a enormous benefit for us changing your sight .
Our motto is “Just know Iran better “.
Has this activity any profit for us ?
Not at all , This activity does not have any money for us and our services to you are some free excursions for some certain cities.
Should you pay money to our envoy?
No , but if you like you can give to them phee and you should pay your own entrance costs and our envoy and food costs for your own and for our envoy because they are your guests and you are guest for them too.
How is possible trusting to our envoy ?
our envoy is student of tourism management and that person knows about all tourism attractions of Tehran and they can showing you and guiding you .

Have a good trip to Iran.

Iran tourism group or tourism of Persia group started this job since 2014 by an Instagram account
The Instagram account is about tourism attractions of Iran or land of Persia after that we created another social medias and at last created this website for free guide and services to tourists.