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Acorn bread (Kalg)


Living in tough and in the mean time, extremely beautiful nature of Kohgiluye Boyeer Ahmad is associated with numerous hardships. One must try very hard together with nature to win bread. It used to be very hard to win bread and bounty here and not that much kind, mother of nature, has brought up such ambitious men here. The author will be presenting the recipe for acorn bread (Kalg) in the following lines which used to be the only source of food available for this people in order to let readers know howness of life here in this land.



In early fall, as cold season starts, Oak tree fruits are ripe and ready to harvest, But the harvest should be postponed after the first raining. Then men and women unanimously and in an integrated way take to surrounding hills and mountains together and harvest the acorns. Men used to pick acorns from the trees with long woods called “Geld” in native dialect and women and children used to collect them, they brought the acorn home and peeled the acorns using a handmade tool called “Ronjok” in native dialect using wood and cotton cane.



They made a frame called “Laha” which was used as a platform for peeled acorns where thoroughly replaced with hands to let the thin skin separate from them, the thin skin is called “Jaft” in native dialect, which is used in textile industry and coloring. Jaft is separated from the acorns, then acorns are taken to the mill to be floured then taken to home, Acorn flour is called “Jafkah” in native dialect which is used as medicine.



People in this land used to wet the flour and put it in the basket called “salah” and covered it with corm tree leaves or warm Oak leaves and kept them for 48 hours, at the first night no particular event happened but at the second night the flour became intensely hot, then the basket was taken to a spring, and the water in the spring was used to be conducted to the basket with a conduit form tube, the water flowed into the flour for 24 hours to remove bitter taste from the Oak, since raw acorns are bitter and unconsumable.



Then the acorns flour paste is ready which can be baked in two ways: some times it is baked as thick loaves which is heated under hot ash to form a bread called “ Gotaki” which was the only food taken to mountains by mountain goers and consumed. Some other times the paste was put on a pan to form a bread called “Laalaki or Kalg” this bread consumed based on house owners affordablity in different ways, some consumed it with yoghurt and some others with diluted yoghurt or animals brain and legs, broth. Kalg pieces in meat broth was called “Kalg- Gusht”.




Writer : Hedieh Zakerinia



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