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Adas Polo

Adas Polo is a kind of persian ethanic cousine which consists of  rice , lentill and salt and oil.



surely your first question is how it cooked? so for cooking Adas polo first the lentil is strained with water and  then luntil is heated with water and a little level rice should be strained and after that the luntil and rice should be mixed then puted on meltead ghee and it should be heated by gas until it steamed and then the flame should be decreased and when it panted the food is ready.



the materials and way of cooking of this meal is diffrent independ on any reigon of Iran. some time is cooked with adding meat or chicken or onion and reisins.some times a few of suger is added and in khorasan one or two spoon black cumin is added in the process of cooking.



You can cook this food by meat or without meat . So this is a good choice for people who does not like meat and they can try this food witout meat.


Writer : Hirad Bahadori Bozchalo


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