Ash Reshteh, Iranian famous pottage


Ash Reshte is one of the most famous Iranian food, That it can be accompanied , curd  , Vinegar. At the iftar ceremony of Muslims in Ramazan Used as a snack,or as votive Nazri distribution among the people.



Ingredient , water, Beans ,Pea ,Hot mint ,Garlic and Fried garlic ,Reshte
potages vegetable, including spinach, parsley and coriander.
Onions and Fried onion
Oil, salt and turmeric



The Reshte  is looks like noodle, But the Reshte is a little bit salty .
Ash : Potage
Votiv or Nazri: The Iranians used the ancient Persian tradition of “Nazr” (distributing free foods among the people) to cook Nazri (charity food) in Muharram and the Day of Ashura.
It’s an ancient Persian tradition that the people cook food and give it to others, including the poor, friends and family, in their ceremonies.This charity food or free food, is called Nazri. In fact, Iranians donate food and call it Nazri.




Writer : Hedieh Zakerinia




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