Mazandaran, Wow Attractions

Badab soort

Iran is not only an ancient civilization with plenty of historical sites, but it also has an abundance of natural wonders. Between the world’s largest lake and the Alborz mountain range lies the beautiful Mazandaran province that attracts millions of Iranian and international tourists to its eye-catching nature scenery and fine weather.



The constant flow of hot water over the centuries has formed travertine terraces of many magical colors. The colors are the result of the carbonate minerals in the water. There are only a few of these wonders of nature in the world. Badab-e Surt in Iran, Mammoth Hot Springs in the United States and Pamukkale in Turkey are the most famous of these springs. Hot mineral springs fill the pools with healthy, very salty water, which heals rheumatism and various skin conditions. Visitors can hike around, enjoy the views and wade these pools, but waterproof footwear is advised.



Tourists also can set a camping site nearby and enjoy the tranquility of unspoiled nature – there are no wild dangerous animals around.his travertine terrace sits at 1,840 meters (6,040 feet) above sea level and is the culmination of thousands of years of limestone deposited by water flowing from two mineral hot springs, which are thought to have medicinal properties on account of their high mineral content.




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