Baghala Ghatogh


Baghala Ghatogh(Gilan special food):
Baghala Ghatogh is a kind of Iranian food that is cooked in northern regions of the country, especially Gilan province.
This food is known as ” Flower in the Grass ”! The main ingredients of this food include broad bean, garlic, dill, egg, turmeric. This food is cooked in a special pot called “gamaj”!



How to prepare:
To prepare this food, grated garlic is fed with dill. Then add the broad bean and add salt and water. After the broad bean is completely cooked and softened, the eggs break into it. The main ingredient in this is turmeric , which is More used than the rest of foods.



This meal is consumed with rice or bread Also pickled salted and smoked salmon and salted fish..!



Writer : Bahare Mirpourian






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