Bahar Narenj juice

Bahar Naremj


Bahar Narenj is in fact the blossom of orange tree which grows and comes to the market in spring.
The extract of this fragrant bloom is used in making a kind of orange juice which is called Bahar Narenj juice in Persian.
Bahar Narenj juice is very useful in solving sleeping problems because it has relaxing effects.



Its sedative effect can be also helpful in improving the function of nervous system and may lead into reducing migraine headaches.
Moreover the orange blossom can be effective in strengthening the digestive system.



Also Iranian people makes jam from this flowers.In general, anxiety-related diseases like irregular heart beat can be better controlled by regular use of this kind of orange juice. It’s not a pure cure or medicine but it is very helpful as a herbal drink for illness prevention.



It is also very enjoyable to drink. So here is the recipe for making Bahar Narenj drink. Enjoy!

Orange blossom extract (2 module)
Sugar (5 module)
Water (3 module)
Lemon (1 tablespoon)

First combine sugar, water and orange blossom extract in a pot. Put it on heat untill it boils. Let it be boiling for 5 to 10 minutes and add lemon juice before it thickens. After adding, boil it for another ten minutes. When it thickens, take it from the heat and serve after cooling.

It is better to keep Bahar Narenj juice in the refrigerator.



Writer : Fatemeh Sadat Mousavi


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