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Baraghan’s ice cream


Baraghan village is one of the most famous villages of Alborz province.



One of the things that made this village famous is Baraghan’s Gole ice cream.Majid Goldar is the creator of this type of ice cream that make by milk, sugar, salep, some special and secret comestible, chopped pistachio and…



Majid Goldar mixes the comestibles together and shuffles it in a galvanized barrel for 4hours.

during this time, the barrel is in a bucket that is full of ice.

This is how Baraghan’s Gole ice cream formed.



He made ice cream by snow and molasses when he was a teenag.

Another famous souvenir of Baraghan is “plum”.

So it’s obviously that this ice cream combined with plum eventually.

Many tourists are attracted to this village to taste this delicious ice cream.





Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari 



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