Barajin, a nature village


Park Forest residential, located in the country of Iran, in Tehran province, Iran, located in the city of qazvin is one of the spectacular location and tourist highlights of the city into account when it comes.

That called Forest Park fadak as well, This garden is beautiful and charming with views.



1500 acres one of the largest and most magnificent park, forest country, Iran, can be considered.

Featuring stunning, this park can be found to the summit folks, the river aranzak noted that available to all the public. This park is in the north east of qazvin is located.



Seasonal River aranzak in two kilometers north of Qazvin is one of the best weather and the spectacular city of Qazvin into account when it comes. Park residential-receptive citizens and tourists, and tourists in different seasons of the year. Features of the Park include land, grass, Track, Cycling, cinema, summer kitchen Dalfek, waterfront and shops cheap prices for the passengers noted.



One of the full collection visit, and this charming Park Village nature is this set in the underground over 70 thousand square meters, the construction of the project.

This Set is a center of training and research, and tourism for everyone, which is spectacular amenities, including domesticated animals, cow, ewe, niches, deer, pigeons, Home, Garden, reptiles, waterfall, house, etc to be included.




Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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