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Chabahar Mountains


Chabahar miniature mountains or Chabahar Mountains are the name of mountains with a specific structure and form 40 to 50 kilometers later than Chabahar city, on the goat path on the left side of the road which due to the type and condition of erosion and special sedimentary species, a shape similar to surface roughness Mars has The limestone deposits of the body’s remains of marine organisms (hardwood and fish), along with sand and clay, are the main constituent of the sediments of these mountains.



The Martian Mountains (Aria, Kalani) are mountainous, which begin approximately 35 kilometers (5 miles) east of Chabahar and extend along tens of kilometers eastward.These mountains, which are similar to the Martian mountains and are less common in this mountainous world, are called submerged, which are lands and heights that have become eroded in this way.





Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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