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Chaharshanbeh Soori celebration


Wednesday afternoon, which is also celebrated by the end of the year and Wednesday night, is one of the Iranian celebrations that will be held on the night of the last Wednesday of the year (from the evening of Tuesday) and will be the first celebration of the series of celebrations and celebrations of Nowruz.



According to ancient times, on this day a great fire will be thrown up that will be kept clear until the early morning and the rising of the sun , which usually begins in the afternoon when people turn the fire on and from it, and when jumping They say: “My jaundice is from you, my redness is from me.” This sentence represents a ritual cleansing ceremony, referred to as “Red” by the term “Syri”.



In other words, people want to get the fire of full-colored yellowing, their illness and their problems, and to Instead of giving them redness and warmth and power. On Wednesday, it is not a celebration that is affiliated with the religion or ethnicity of the people and is prevalent among most Iranians.



Ghashogh zani:
The women clutched on the face of the clad face and sometimes on the face to remain anonymous. Then they knocked on the bowl or pot or on the house and informed the people of the house of their coming.



They took the empty bowl from the house and dumped a handful of dry food, such as baskets. Sometimes cash is paid to a woman’s spoon instead of cash.



The most important condition for spooning was the anonymity of the spoon, so neither the spoonman nor the owner of the house spoke during the encounter.



Ajil moshkel gosha:
In the past, after the end of the fire, the family and relatives gathered together and the last seeds of the vegetable such as: watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, peas, melon seeds, wheat and cannabis left over from the winter storage on fire Sacred and roasted and salted with salt.



They believed that everyone who ate this potion would be more kind to other people and would be distracted from him. Today, the term “salting” and the bread and salt of someone to eat and do not betray him in the right place originated from this.



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Writer : Sara Ordikhani


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