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Dasht Lalehae Vazhgon


One of the most spectacular sights that attracts every visitor is the plain of the reverse of the Oligudarz valley, the valley of the valley of the Aligudarz, as the largest plain of the suburbs of the world, is one of the most spectacular scenery in the city. In the spring, the Zagros slopes are covered with beautiful pink tulips in red and yellow colors.



One of the habitats of Laleh Vaghgon Plain Dalani Aligudarz with two thousand and 900 hectares that by placing this beautiful plain in the Oshtrankouh heights and surrounded by other mountains such as Murserin, Rug Mountain, Shah Cole, and its beautiful beauty, has been scaled up in this plain. Beautiful and unique are two rare types of reverse tulip flowers called Suzanne Chalcargagh and Mary Tears with a height of 120 cm.



The plain of Koohrang’s reversed tulips is the main habitat of the herbaceous vegetation of Laleh and is one of the attractions and tourist attractions of Iran. This plain is 3600 hectares wide and is located in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province, and the plain area is protected by the Iranian Environment Organization as a natural national heritage.



This plain is located in Koohrang city and other tourist attractions such as Koohrang Waterfall, Cheljdzh Ski Resort and Dimeh Mineral Fountain near it.

The main habitat of this rare plant is the slopes of the Altay mountains, Gorganak and Biosanaki and Mala Zhelata. Overturned tulips, called “Flabby”, and Mary’s tears, will be flowered late in April and will be flowers until late May.


Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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