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Faloodeh, Iranian sweet dessert


Traditional tasty dessert in iran..!
Faloodeh or Paloodeh is an Iranian cold dessert popularly known as “Persian noodle dessert” in the Western countries..! It consists of thin vermicelli-sized noodles mixed in a semi-frozen syrup made from sugar and rose water that is similar to a sorbet. Often served with lemon juice and sometimes ground pistachios and saffron.



it is a traditional dessert in Iran.
Faloodeh originated the most in Shiraz and it is known as “Shirazi Faloodeh”..!
Some historians believe According to historical documents 50 years ago in one of the villages of Taft city, Tazrjan of yazd, the first time of “Faloodeh Yazdi” is due to the facilities of that time,produced, and after that people developed this industry in Iran.



The intresting point about Faloodeh is this!
it was either relatively liquid or semi-liquid, or even solid!
relative to the warmth or coolness of the weather،For example, in Kerman province and Yazd(because of the warm weather), Faloodeh is very watery and consumed to eliminate the thirst, but in other cities due to the coolness of the air its water content is reduced.!



What do you know about the properties of Faloodeh?
1. It is useful in relieving diarrhea caused by heat and warming; it has a high nutritional value and is useful for some lung and surgical discomforts, especially during the warm season.
2 . If Basil or Seed Eggs is added to the dessert, it will act stronger in the stomach and stop diarrhea..!
3. Continuous use of it is not advisable in people with a more cold stomach and liver disease, such as fatty liver..!




Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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