Farvardingan Celebration


Zoroastrian hold celebration every month ; but some of them is too important for them.

Do you know what kind of celebration are they hold ? and Which one more important for them?

Farvardingan  ( 19th Farvardin )

Tirgan ( 13th Tir )

Mehrgan ( 16th Mehr )

They beleive that is a celebration for happiness and respect for the dead people.

They take them apart in and memorial them.



Contrary to the Iranian people culture , which was remembered the dead are known to be sad.

In 19th of every Farvardin month hold celebration that called Farvardingan .

Farvardin means farvahars.



Farvahar is one of the inner forces which , according to  Mazeistsan , existed before the creation of the creatures , and after death their destruction has gone up into the universe and remain stable.

This spiritual force , which can be called the essense of life , is not mortal and decaying .



Writer : Elham shirazi 

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