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Biography of Ferdowsi:

Hakim Abolqasem Ferdowsi” is a
contemporary Iranian poet (329-411 AH). In 329 AH, Taus was born in Tabaran. His father was from the peasants of Toos, who had a great wealth and position. From the time he began to acquire knowledge and knowledge, he was interested in reading the story. It was his interest in ancient stories that he thought about to bring Shahnameh to Ordered.



As he says, he has been searching for this book for a long time, and after finding the original version of the stories of Shahnameh, he has dedicated his life for nearly thirty years since his best times.



In the year 370 or 371, Ferdowsi began to discipline the Shahnameh, and at the beginning of this, he himself had considerable wealth and assets, and some of the elders of Khorasan who were interested in ancient Iranian history helped him.



But over time and after years, while Ferdowsi had written more of the Shahnameh, he suffered from poverty and poverty. Like Babak, he tried to revert Zoroastrianism and Persian to Iran.



Shahnameh is the true guardian of the national traditions and the identity of the Iranian people. Perhaps without this great work, many of the positive elements of our ancestral culture were destroyed in the storm of historical events, and they did not survive. Ferdowsi was a believer and believer in the province of Imam Ali (as), and considered himself a servant of the Beat of Prophet.






Shahnameh in English for download





Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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