Ghotab the most important sweets in Yazd, The history of the first cooking dates back to the Qajar period, It is also registered as a national intangible heritage.



Ghotab has two layers, the outer layer is a kind of sweet fried in oil, Whose dough combines flour of whea Milk or yogurt and egg yolk made in fried oil And in the end it adds sugar powder. The inner brain is filled with almond powder, sugar powder and Cardamom.



Cardamom, cinnamon, hyacinth and rose water, that is just a sample of what my house smells like right now. It is Persian New Years! Happy Nowruz everyone! So I am in a baking mood and whipping out a batch of my absolute favorite Persian pastries: Ghotab or Qottab (there are so many different spellings for this).The famous Qotab seller in Yazd is Haj Khalifeh Rahbar and you can buy too musch Qotab and some another Iranian sweets from this shop.





Writer : Hedieh Zakerinia



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