Gole Yakh hotel, a hotel like a chewing gum


Goloe Yakh hotel One of the most beautiful and diverse residential complexes in Iran, designed in the style of the Eskimos in Shemshak Snowy Nature, is the Ice Flower Hotel. You can see the beautiful architecture of Chaloos Road along the road.



The Ice Ice Hotel was built on an area of ​​5000 square meters and with a useful infrastructure of 5700 square meters in the Shemshak area. The complex is located in 10 floors (7 floors and 3 parking lots) with 66 residential units in the area of ​​48 to 313 meters and has 75 parking spaces.



This complex is a residential complex with personal ownership and can not be booked!

The Ice Ice Hotel is also known as the Barin Shemshak Ski Resort, and each accommodation unit is about 60 meters in size, and skiers who come to this place for skating in winter can book them temporarily To live.



Important: Barin Ski Resort is a privately owned residential complex whose apartments are fully furnished. To stay in this space, you must own one of the residential complex units or lease the units annually.




Writer : Sara Ordikhani 



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