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Golestan Palace


This palace was constructed in the year 1268 AH. under the order of Naseredin Shah.



This palace is comprised of the entrance along with various pavillions, such as mirror, diamonds, ivory and crystal pavillions as well as Salam pavillion in which the famous ‘Takht-e-Tavoos’ or ‘the Peacock Throne’ that Nader Shah took as ransom from India in his conquest in 1739, is placed.



This throne has seven jewelled stands with two steps. On its back there is a statue of a dragon. It has a delicate back seat which is ornamented by beautiful inscriptions.



Marmar (Marble) Palace, Tehran

This palace was built during the years 1934 -1937 AD. with a combination of eastern and western architecture.



Hossein Lorzadeh was the architect and Ostad Yazdi was responsible for the tile-works. Mohammad Hossein Sani’ Khatam and Hossein Taherzadeh also co-operated in its construction.



Takht-e-Marmar (Takht-e-Soleiman) Edifice, Tehran

This edifice was constructed under the orders of Fathali Shah Qajar in the year 1220 AH. in a form of a throne as a platform with long walls and 65 large and small slabs of marble stones which is placed at the center of main portico of the palace.



The height of this throne from the base of portico is one meter and from four sides it is erected on the shoulders of six angels and three demons and eleven helicoid columns.



On either sides of the steps walls, with two lion figures are encarved. This edifice is unique and spectacular in architecture and design.



Shamsol Emareh Edifice, Tehran

This palace was built in the year 1284 AH. under the orders of Naseredin Shah by Mo’ayerol Mamalek. Shamsol Emareh is a tall edifice with two towers which has been recently repaired and renewed.






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