Istanbuli polo ( polo goje)


Istanbuli polo(or polo goje) is easy to cook, but it has some mysteries for cooking ,that make them taste more delicious!
This is a mix of rice mixed with tomato paste, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, salt and pepper and Turmeric .The use of “saffron” and “cinnamon”, which is in most Iranian cuisine, gives a great aroma to the food..!



The history of this delicious food:
As its name suggests, the manner in which the recipe of this meal came from Turkey during the Qajar period.



The arrival of Any food in our country has a story..!
, and one of them is the story of the arrival of “Istanbuli Polo” to Iran.
According to the book “Rijal of the Age of Nazareth”, we summarize this story: “Mushir al-Dawlah” was the ambassador for many years in Istanbul, and finally, the king Dismissed him and gave him the Foreign Ministry. One day, the Chancellor invited the king and the elders to the garden for lunch, in the mansion that was very great and pleasent.At the table, between the various foods, they saw several dishes of a new food, which until that day nobody had ever heard of. The host,put the dish in front of the king,and said: “This food is named Istanbuli Polo, and it was prepared for the first time in Iran. My wife has been taught by Turkish women. The king ate and praised a lot! Since then, the food has become popular in Iran.
The era of the Qajar was over, but the food and what came from Western culture to our country remained.!



Istanbuli polo is one of the foods that can be served with all the ingredients from olives to salad types, such as salad shirazi and pickles, but it is advisable to eat it with yogurt and cucamber(mast_o_khiar) !



The benefits of this food:
1. Rice is one of the main foods of the Orient and especially the Persians. Here are the main advantages of rice: Excellent source of energy and growth –
No cholesterol-rich in vitamins B and C
– Healthy skin – Adjustment of blood pressure – Preventing Alzheimer’s and Cancer To preserve rice vitamins, it is recommended to cook it as “Ca’ate”. This method is used in Istanbuli Polo. Cooking rice as a “Abkesh” results in the removal of water-soluble vitamins such as vitamins B and C during flushing. So this is a source of vitamins!
2- The nature of this food is moderate and suitable for the spring and autumn seasons.
3. Potatoes are beneficial in regulating digestive functions and preventing constipation due to the availability of appropriate dietary fiber.4-Tomatoes rich in vitamins C and A, beta-carotene and also contains various minerals including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, fiber, iron, copper. Tomato is an enemy of cancer.




Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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