The other, located in the country Iran, and in 6 kilo meters in the city of Qom in the central part of the district Qanavat to the side of the road to Kashan and near the village of heaven is located in many traditions about the construction of this building, there are, according to these traditions, making it, according to the individual to name of Sheikh Hassan bin Jamkarani related that according to him, he was in the awakening and consciousness with the Imam, the twelfth Shia Imam Mehdi against Islam met have been, and to it he who ordered the construction of the mosque.



Many times the world Wednesday night, and the days and and half-life, when the birthday of Imam Ali is to the Mosque are there acts to fit and put.



The actions of people in the mosque :do two RAK’ats of Prayer of greeting the mosque and pray two prayers, which the imam of the time is famous, which practices a special rather than be aware.



Year the construction of this mosque to the period before Islam, the returns, the population of people overseas according to the statistics obtained 8367 people, it seems.



In English side of heaven means the end of the land of Iran the name is taken.
From historical places period can be used to mount castle Qarghal and the hill of the ancient and historical research darvish noted, and also of Souvenirs, the historical Mosque can be: rasp, hand-woven carpets are also noted.




Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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