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Kabob Bonab, a Kabob with an old history



A kind of Kubaid roach is attributed to Bonab city in East Azarbaijan province. This barbecue is made from fresh and flaky meat of sheep, at a much larger size than regular bites. Each press of this kind of barbecue, unlike roast barbecue, is usually a bunch.
How to cook delicious barbecue.



To cook barbecue barbecue it runs on a barge, which only depends on the amount of heat of the fire.

Bonab Roasted Ingredients

1 kg of high-fat sheep meat-preferably beef

2 medium onions

The amount of salt necessary is the amount of black pepper Instructions

Step One: First, add the onion and mix it with salt and pepper, and massage it thoroughly with meat.

Step 2: Take the meat you want and take the palm of your hand like a dumpling, and we will pass it through the middle of it, and then spread it with your fingers in the shape of a picture along the whiskers in the same way.



Step Three: Before placing the spit on the fire, the charcoal must be melted and evenly distributed throughout the fence.

Step 4: After putting the sticks on the fire, absolutely do not ignite the fire, and after a minute, turn the spit on to the other side for one minute to fire, and the meat is sticking together and there is no longer a chance to pour.



Step Five: Continuously return the spikes every few minutes. Do not whip up the fire completely and wait for the grilling of the barbecues and try to tear some teaspoon with a knife from the bottom of the grill, to make sure the grilled kebab is cooked.

Step Six: It is best to barbecue before drying and when it’s still juicy, put it on the bread, remove the sticks and spray it a few times, then rice, butter, yogurt, onions and basil.




Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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