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Kakan ski resort, Dena mount

Kakan ski resort, Dena mount ـ Kakan skiing field in the middle of the Yasuj Eghlid road.

18 kilometers from Yasuj three is a strait called Baba Hassan which is located in an area called Kakan the field is 600 meters long and 1500 meters wide and is really exclusive short distance from the center of the province availability of welfare service facilities such as restaurant coffee shop dormitory and a place for hiking skiing tools and equipment has made this place an ideal site for tourists and sport lovers in winter green mountain foots full of wild and beautiful flowers groom. The eyes of visitors after the snow in this area melt.
distance from Yasuj city: 18 Km

This place is a good resort for sport lovers who wants a place for skiing and snowboarding.
Hope you come and ski in this place

This place knows as a good place for ski and snowy sports because the most of seasons of a year this place has so much snow.



Writer : Arvin Abadi

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