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Kandovan, brother of Cappadocia


Kandovan stone village is one of the most beautiful and unique attractions of the Osko city  .



It’s one of the third man made villages in the world that has a extraordinary architecture. It is also famous as rock-ribbed town. The troglodyte homes , excavated inside volcanic rocks and tuffs were cut into the lahars of the Mount Sahand .



Staying in cave city of Kandovan is a most for any traveler who has traveled to tabriz .This village lies 62 km. southwest of Tabriz and 22 km. south of Oskoo. From the architectural point of views this village is interesting, as the settlements are rocky dating back to the 7th century AH. or even the pre-Islamic period.



These ‘houses’ resemble caves, being ‘dug out’ in the mountains and therefore are reputed worldwide. Mineral water in this area is also used for treatment of diseases. There are various other interesting villages in the province having specific architectural features.





Writer : Yasaman Ghorbanifar



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