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Kerman embroidery or Pateh


Kerman embroidery, one of the city of Kerman is the fabric that for the crafts use The fabric thicken wool that the name of the widescreen, the name taken Kerman embroidered by women and girls, carried out with the use of all the characters and thought, subjective to their personal means of stitches, color thicken, which on wool fabric estimate fabric that for this to work (Kerman embroidered) Used placed fabric, which has a certain elegance that, after the layout, place the remaining on the side of the layout, sewn, space, very little to occupy it in the most not mvqh such is and in most situations all.



The fields are stitched is the root of Kerman embroidered retrieved from putte(POT) That means the wool and fluff can be pout wool is hair, goat hair, produce it, shoulders come off, and from it, a scarf can weave a piece of course, these definitions in the given culture and in the culture dehkhoda words such as wool, goat wool, goat hair collision, we can date this to the year 1280 Ah, returns and the, belongs to the 12 Ah is of course a guess and speculate that in the book, a very old and different to be seen and to point out that stairs Embroidered belonging to the year 1285 Ah returns tips that, about Kerman embroidery must be met, such that the never stairs get wet and should not be on the strap dress widescreen … because the cache Emden stairs.



The items used stairs embroidered: on the decent from the Vice _ painting, decorative _ got maizy _ away napkins, and items such as these.





Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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