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The cemetery and shrine of Khaled-e-Nabi are located in a mountainous area 90 km northeast of Gonbad-e-Kavoos and 55 km northeast of Kalaleh and 6 km from Gachi-Sou-Close-i-Soha village. It is located on the steppe of the mountain of Goghjehgh .



The hotbed of Mount Gogeca, which is also known as the “Power” or Gothic peak in the Turkish language, is about 700 meters above sea level. The mountain range is from the east to the mountains of Baba Shamelk and from north, west and south to the thousand valleys around the appendages.



The path to the shrine of Khaled-e-Nabi was mountainous, but it is not a difficult road to go through it. Due to the lack of roads and the lack of space and the lack of welfare facilities on site, as well as the extreme heat of summer and cold in winter, the best time to visit is April and May.



Near and below the tomb of Khalid Nabi, the monuments of the world of baba and shepherd Ata and the doors of the five lions as well as the fountain of khdr tooth are located. According to the traditions prevalent among the people, the world of the Baba was the father of the wife of Khalid Nabi and Chopan Ata, the pastor of Khalid Nabi, or anonymous parents or one of his companions, all of whom are considered by Turkmens.



At first glance, there are a lot of standing tombstones, but when we enter the valley of the grave, there are some tombstones standing in the gravestones, which are very different from the gravestones.



The use of this gravestone remains unclear, but according to locals, the area is where Khalid Nabi (AS) prayed that his people would turn into rocks and do not reach the hands of the infidels. Even some people believe that part of the famous wall Alexander has crossed the area.




Writer : Sara Ordikhani 



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