South Khorasan

Krit Dam


Krit Dam or Curitice Dam is a historic barrier located in Tabas city and at 56 km of Tabas-Dijuk Road. The dam, built in 1350, with a height of 60 meters, was the tallest dam in the world until the early twentieth century.The dam has been the world’s largest arc dam for 550 years and located in State South Khorasan province Interestingly, the dam with a 1 meter wide crown still holds the title of the world’s thinnest dam.



From 2000 to the early twentieth century, the highest arches of the world (the goddess of Fars, Qarb, Qurm, and Kṛit Tabas) were constructed in Iran.Interesting and interesting is that even the earthquake of 1979, the peak of 7.7 magnitude and a maximum acceleration of 0.75 grams, has not caused serious damages to the dam.



The dam is located on the list of ancient artifacts of Iran on March 20, 2000, number 3523. It was built near the Tabas in 1350, with a height of 60 meters to the early 20th century, the world’s tallest dam.



Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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