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Kurdish dance


The exact date for the emergence and formation of the dance can not be determined, but in the ancient excavations conducted in the Kurdish regions, one can see examples of this dance on prehistoric pottery.



Kurdish dances have a variety of forms, but in general there are two categories of dances Ghana and martial arts. Another kind of mystical dance is also common in some regions of Kurdistan, which you can not really understand. Its implementation is done in two ways: individual (SAMA / SAMAA = SAMAA) and a group mentioned.


How to dance:
Usually the best dancer (male or female) will take on the role of leader of his sherophic group (Trichik), and the first one is the ring of dancers. He skillfully performs dramatic performances by the scarf on his right hand as well as with the help of exciting sounds, and sometimes with the words, while adding to the excitement of dancers, it takes responsibility to adjust the speed and rhythm of the group’s movement.



Being in this role is a great attraction and putting the dancer in a better position than the rest of the group. His sheropy can sometimes be separated from the dance loop to create more joy and, according to his mastery, performs individual drama performances. The other group, with their hands facing the ground and along their two sides, are paws in the pairs of dancers adjoining a continuous ring.



The most desirable situation is for dancers (wheat and barley), in other words, one woman and one man. The cowboy is the last dancer of the band, although he has a great role in creating rhythm and joy of dance, but few are willing to be in this role. The way to dance is that people walk three steps to the left, and then hold their right leg firmly against their left foot They land on the ground and spin around a half-circle.





Writer : Sara Ordikhani 



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