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Mowlana or Rumi and Sama dance


Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi, known as Mowlana or Rumi Mowlana, who in some of his poems also calls his “silence”.



The protagonist’s name is proud of him from Balkh to Konya! His mother tongue was Persian and his religion was Sunni Islam. He was born in 6 Rabi’Alaul in 604 AH in Balkh (Khorasan in the Great Iran or present-day Afghanistan). His father was famous for Baha’uddin-olod, one of the elders of Sufism and the Sufis. The believer is Khatun, the wife of Baha’u’l-al-Din Vali and the mother of Maulana. Along with the onslaught of Chengiz Khan, he moved from Balkh and swore not to return to his city until Muhammad Khwarazm Shah was not on the throne. During the trip with “Attar Nishapuri” also met, and Attar praised Maulana and presented his a book called”Asrar naame”

That it means mystery book.



At the age of nineteen, Maulana married Gohar Khatun. “Shams Tabrizi” joined Mowlana about 642 lunar years and became so enthusiastic about him that he dropped lessons and narrations and went to poetry and song and “sama” (special dance of Mowlana).



Sama dance

“SAMA” in the word means to hear and is a arabic word.

In the term Sufi, Sama means reading the mystical song. SAMA is actually a religious dance for God In the verses of the Torah and the Gospel, this religious dance is also mentioned! Sama’s meetings, which called SAMA house, consisted of a poetry circle performed by a religious singer who was well-sounded and enjoyed by the Sufis and they started to SAMA dance ! There were a variety of instruments used;

the most important of these machines was “Daf” and “Ney”. Shams’s argument in encouraging Maulvi to Sama was that SAMA is prohibited for ordinary humans who are engaged in themselves, but it is necessary for those who love and seek the right and God. In the time of Maulvi, SAMA was not in the form of today ;

it was common in two ways:

1) Maulvi dance alone.

2) Semitic performances performed jointly.



Maulana believed that “SAMA is the food of the soul”, and believed that during the dancing he saw God in everything, and sometimes it happened that it remained for more than a week, it is known that with the sound of a hammer from Salahodin Zarkoob started to dance!



.Mowlana Rumi works, along with the Persian-speaking regions, have had a great influence in India and Pakistan, and in Turkey and Central Asia. The position of Mowlana in Turkey is more than a poet and is known as a saint. Mowlavi’s path in Turkey has many followers. His works include the Masnavi Spiritual /

Divan Shams / Fihe ma fihe / Letters /

Majales sab’e.



If we want to summarize the richest twenty-sixth thousand bits of spiritual masnavi, we will reach the eighteen bits, which is the beginning of the First Office of the Mausoleum and is known as the “Ney Letter.” This “Ney” is the same as the Maulana, who, as an example, of a knowledgeable and familiar man with the facts of the world of meaning, finds himself captive of this material world and complains.


Poems by Rumi

Poems by Rumi


Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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