Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

Music of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad


Tune and melody of music is heard in very part of Kohgilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad people’s culture, from poems and songs whispered by men and women while working and making efforts to create passion and enthusiasm to forget tiredness, to plaintive songs during a mourning ceremony.



Among most outstanding native songs in this province, one can mention “Saz Naghareh” which is sort of traditional kettledrum and oboe.



Oboes here, compared with other places are of bigger size and are made of wood and metal. The traditional kettle drum (Dohol) is composed of two trays. A small one and big one, one of which produces bass sound and another one shrill sound.



Trunk (main body) of this drum is made of copper and the ramp (outside surface) is made of hide, which is stretched over the trunk with belt made of oxhide.



Saz Naghareh is played in both merry and mourning ceremonies. The composer and “Naghareh” is called “Taol Chap” in mourning ceremonies.



Writer : Hedieh Zakerinia



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