Nargesi , a special food for vegans


Nargesi, a food like flower!
Iran tourism –“Nargesi” is an Iranian food, because of its colors (yellow and white and green) it is called as an Iranian flower named Narges flower(amaryllis flower)..!
and also called “the flower in the grass”



This food is very similar to spinach omelet and cooked with spinach,onion, garlic, tomatoes, eggs and turmeric.
(and sometimes green beans)



Spinach and some of its wonders.!!
1. It is known as iron source compared to red meat.
2. Eating spinach prevents cancer, especially in people who drink alcohol and cigarettes.
3. Spinach is a useful vegetable for strengthening the nerves and treats rheumatism and gout.
4. Spinach is very important for women in the menstrual period who are prone to iron deficiency and increases the number of red blood cells.
5. Spinach leaves are rich in vitamins A ,B3 , C and iron and potassium.




Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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