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Naser Khosrow, historical travels


“Abo Al Moein Naser-ebn Khosrow-ebn Hares Ghobadiani Balkhi” known as “Naser Khosrow”  was born in 1004/9/3 AD in “Balkh” (current state of Tajikistan).

“Naser Khosrow” was one of the greatest poets of Persian language that also was philosopher, wise and traveler.



He has skilled in philosophy, accounting, music, and astronomy.

He suffered from the intellectual revolution as a result of his dream. After that he decided to travel to many countries such: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Asia minor, Tripoli, Aleppo, Syria, Damascus, Cario, Algerian island, Palestine, Tunisia and Sudan.



Then he travelled to Egypt and settled there (for 3 or 6 years) , during this time he went to pilgrimage of “Kaaba” for 3 times.

He received the “Khorasan’s Hojjat” title from “Mostansar Allah” , After that he wanted to invite people to “Islamic Faith” but he did not respond positively to his invitation and “Saljuk’s sultan” revolted against him.



After that he went to “Mazandaran” and then went to ‘Neyshabor” (in Khorasan province) and lived there secretly.

After a while he displaced by invitation off “Amir Ali-ebn Asad” (a local Amir of “Badakhshan”) and spent last years of his life in this province.

In this period of time he visited all the villages of “Badakhshan” (one of the provinces of Afghanistan).



“Naser Khosrow” left a lot of literary works like:

“Safar nameh” (travelogue)


“Zad Al Mosaferin”

“Saadat nameh”

“Rowshanaee nameh”


There is a street in Tehran that named “Naser Khosrow” , His statue is also in various parks of Tehran and the other cities of Iran.




Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari



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