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Nima Yooshij, father of the modern poetry


Nima Yooshij , with its influential legendary legend, a manifestation of Persian poetry, revolutionized Iran’s poetry. Nima consciously challenged all foundations and structures of ancient Persian poetry. The new poem was the title that Nima had bestowed on his art.The mainstream of Persian contemporary poetry is due to this revolution and development that Nima was innovating. Many contemporary poets and critics consider Nima’s poems to be symbolic, and they see him as the symbols of the world known as the world.  Nima also has poems written in Mazandaran, called “Roha”.



Nima also uses the natural elements with a cryptic expression to draw the shape of the community.

The poetic story of the pale story is in fact the first half-length poem written in the form of Masnavi (Hazje Mosadis). The poet has narrated his life and paid social welfare through it. The first part was published in the twentieth century. Then he sings the legend in which a romantic spirit dominates, and in love, Nima has another look and dismissal of the mystical love.



Nima writes social thoughts in these works and poems such as cock and fox, springs and goats. But the old poetry style is clear that he is poetry and has not yet found his way.  However, the publication of the myth of the world The literature fueled that time.  The night was also published in the weekly magazine of Noah Bahar, Mohammad Taghi Spring, and provoked controversy.



As he says to Hafiz:
Hence, this is what a lie and lie is

Forever, I do not believe in the love of the game

I love that love





Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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