No stamp for traveling to Iran

the spokesperson of Iranian government told reporters that foreign tourists are allowed to visit Iran without their passport being stamped.

After sign Iran and p5+1 about (JCPOA), All sanctions were canceled, but On May 8, 2018, us join to (JCPOA) and Iran was banned again. Iran once again faced with the problem of tourism, And Some tourists say When we travel to Iran and the stamp of Iran is in the passport we can’t go to some of country or come back to our country because that country are not good relation with Iran, and it is not good for opportunities in tourism in Iran.

This time This is happening at Isfahan and Imam Khomeini airports

No entry stamp on the passport insertion was done only in Cuba and now Iran is doing too. Lebanon, after the Cuban state, made this move to increase the entry of tourist

Enjoy in iran

Writer :Bahare Nasr Abadi

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