Dessert, Tabriz

Nougha or Android 7


Nougha or Noghat is a delicious souvenir from Tabriz!
Nougat is a sweets made of honey, sugar, egg white and nuts, walnuts, vanilla and sometimes fruit pieces.



History :
The Nougat word seems to be from Latin
“panis nucatus”Meaning a kind of Bread.
There are many traditions of the root of the word..!
From the past to the present day, the Nougat is one of the most popular souvenirs in the city of Tabriz in Iran.
One of the sweet and old pastries in the Middle East and South Europe.



Some believe that its recipe was first introduced in an Arabic book in Baghdad in the 10th century.
Nougat is among the indigenous sweets from Iran and Spain, which is said to have originated from Iran and in the early days of Islam came from Iran to Spain.



The reason for naming “Nougat Android” !

Google recently announced its new version of Android, called Nougat Android , which has led to the globalization of the traditional name tag of Tabriz. Google made a poll to select the name of this version of its users and decided on the number of votes in different countries.



Finally, the name of the Nougat was chosen for the new version of Android ….

One of the cool features of this series of Android operating systems is that you can split the page into two parts and simultaneously run two apps on one page.

Interestingly, Google Inc. uses cookies for all versions of its operating system. For example, its previous version was Marshmallo !!



Writer : Bahare Mirpourian


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