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Nowruz celebration


Nowruz is the 1 of Farvardin in Solar Calender celebration of the new year is one of the oldest celebrations in ancient Iran 🇮🇷 .



One or two months left to Nowruz people buy new clothes and they clean their homes to welcome the new year .In Iran ,the first 4 days are the official holiday ,but schools are closed until 13 Nowruz. This celebration has 3 important symbols , The first one is 7Sin and the scond one is Haji Firooz and the last one is Amoo Nowruz .



All people go to see their relatives and friends during these days .in every house during of Nowruz,they put a tablecloth ,called HaftSin;.Haft-Seen also spelled as Haft Sīn (‎the seven seen’s) is a tabletop (sofreh) arrangement of seven symbolic items traditionally displayed at Nowruz, the Persian new year. The haft-seen table includes seven items all starting with the letter Seen (letter) (fa) (س) in the Persian alphabet.



Sabzeh (سبزه) – wheat, barley, mung bean or lentil sprouts growing in a dish – symbolizing rebirth
Samanu (سمنو) – sweet pudding made from wheat germ – symbolizing affluence
Senjed (سنجد) – dried sea-buckthorn – symbolizing love
Seer (سیر) – garlic – symbolizing the medicine and health
Seeb (سیب) – apple – symbolizing beauty
Somāq (سماق) – sumac fruit – symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
Serkeh (سرکه) – vinegar – symbolizing old-age and patience



The following items may also appear on the Haft-Seen table as ornaments or for the sake of completeness. Although some of these items are Persian symbols, they are not the main part of the traditional Haft-Seen.
The holy book
Divan-e Hafez, a Persian poetry book
a mirror.
A mirror which represents the images and reflections of Creation as we celebrate anew the ancient Persian traditions and beliefs that creation took place on the first day of spring.
A goldfish in a bowl represents life and the end of astral year-picas (Goldfish is originally a symbol of Chinese new year)
A low brazier full of fire
A lamp
painted eggs
coins as a symbol of wealth
candles for each member of the family
a bowl of water



Wheat or bread Next to this tablecloth are Iranian sweets and fruits and ajil(almonds,pistachios,sunflower seeds,hazelnut,raisin,…) and receive your guests .



On the last day of the 13 Farvardin which is the day of nature ,all people go out of their homes and with happiness and joy they spend their day in nature .which is called persian on this day 13 BeDar(١٣به در)
and eating Sekanjebin juice with letuce.
Sekanjebin made from Peppermint .




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Writer : Zahra Dadekhani


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