Old Bazaar of Zanjan


The Bazaar which is in the historic district of the city – downtown Zanjan-is one the longest traditional roofed structures in Iran.



The 200 years old Bazaar has nearly 1000 stores, numerous wings, passages, historic inns, bathhouses, and mosques. It still is the vibrant shopping hub of the city with traditional style shops preserving the magnificent architecture.



Different segments of bazaar are dedicated to selling specific goods such as jewelry, shoe, carpet, traditional medicine, knives, Charogh, Filigree, cooper cookware etc.



The bazaar is open from about 9 am to a few hours after sunset, baring for a two hour siesta from 2 pm to 4 pm. The shops in the bazaar are usually closed on Friday and holidays but tourist can still walk through the passages and take pictures.



Writer : Sahar Abelehkoub



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