Omid Alley , a colorful place in Tehran

There is an amazing alley on west of Tehran.
This alley has a lot of different color ; Imagine a alley where the walls have a lot of colorful
flower pots . So , This place has full of energy , like greenhouse but , It is alley which name is
“Omid” , Omid alley .



Omid in persian means “Hope” .
Spend a short time for walking ( with your Fiancé) in this alley can give you hope , honestly!!
So, open your eyes , wear your shoes , take your camera and ready for attract energy and hope ; and making a beautiful day .

Address : Tehran , Ostad Moein , Dastgheib street , Omid alley .








Written by : Elham Shirazi
Photographer : Arvin Abadi



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