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Parvin Etesami


Parvin Etesami was born on March 25, 1285 in the city of Tabriz on March 17, 1907.
Rakhshhandeh Etesami, known as Parvin Etesami, was born on March 17, 1285 in the city of Tabriz on March 17, 1907. His father Yusuf Etisami Ashtiani (Etesam al-Molk) was one of the renowned writers and writers and translators of the late Qajar period and at that time published the literary monthly Bahar. His mother, Akhtar Fotouhi, was the son of Mirza Abdul Husayn, the son of Moghadam al-Adalah and part of the “salinity” of the late poets of the Qajar period, from Tabriz and Azerbaijan.


After separation from his wife, he was for some time a librarian in the High School Library. The poem of his poem is 2500 bits. She died on April 15, 1920 due to typhoid infection and was buried in Fatima Masoumeh’s shrine in Qom in a family tomb.



Her poems can be divided into two categories: the first category, which has been called “Khurasany” and includes advice and advice, and is more similar to the lyrics of Naser Khosrow. The second category of Iraqi-style poetry is mostly fictional, especially in the form of debate, and is close to Sa’di poetry style. This category of Parvin’s poems is more popular.



Thanks to the great efforts of Parvin Etesami in contemporary poetry in Iran and the style of poetry of the scenes, on March 25, March 18th, the day of commemoration of Parvin Etesami is named after the Iranian poet.



Example of Parvin Etesami’s Poems

O flower! What did you see in the crowd of Golzar?

What did you see, except your wife and his wife?

Oh, Lal Del Afroz, you with all this radiation

What did you see in the market except the customer?

You went to the grass, Lake Cage patrolled

What did you see other than the caged chicken?






Writer : Sara Ordikhani



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