Perav cave,the most deepness cave of the world


Perav located in Zagros mountains in Kermanshah province. Perav mountain with 3357 meters above the sea level is one of the highest peaks of Kermanshah province.

At 3050 meters above this mountain there is a cave that is the deepest cave of Iran. In local language Perav means full of water (per=full \ av=water).



There are 26 wells in this cave, and the deepest one is sixteenth well with a depth of 42 meters.

At the first time in 1971 a British group went down to the depth of 750 meters of the cave and discover it.



One year later, world record registration of Perav  cave as the deepest cave in the world motivated the British group to return to the cave and register a new record in the future but they saw a muddy well at the depth of  meters that made it impossible to continue exploration for them.



3 years later, A polish team visited the cave and proved that it’s the end of this cave.

Perav cave was the deepest cave on that time; but now a day has been ranked 220th deepest cave in the world.

This cave is too dangerous and 5 people lost their lives there.




Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari 



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