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Qeymeh Nesar


Qeymeh Nesar or Stuffing nisar is one of the authentic dishes that to the city of qazvin returns the necessary ingredients for technology this dish is the pistachio nut, onion, hot, meat, slice, almonds, and rice .



In the city of qazvin special spices this dish to the name of the Spice the stuffing box systems out there that are of good quality, the Spice taste is very delicious and aromatic, pleasant to the restaurant. Stuffing box systems in the past, one of the foods, the ceremonial was considered, and at weddings and celebrations, as one of the dishes, chamber Cedar was the local dialect, the food, the stuffing box Nossa is that both dialects is also true and is also the food of mourning significant, also Cedar.






Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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