Dessert, Gilan

Reshteh khoshkar, Iranian delicious dessert


What is a tasty Souvenir from Gilan.?!
“Reshteh khoshkar” is the best answer!
This cookie includes 2 parts:
“reshteh” and “khoshkar”
traditional cookie for Ramadan in Gilan Province, Iran. It is made of rice flour, and filled with sugar, ground walnuts or hazelnuts, cardamom,
cinnamon, ginger and spice..!
This cookie Traditionally made in copper trays..!



What is The story of this historical cookie!?
For the first time it was cooked in “Taher gorab” near the ciry of Rasht and about 300 years ago!
Because of this, in some confectionery books it called ” Rasht’s cookie”!
“Reshte riz” – the term for those who prepare this cookie -exists in this area of Gilan !
and even in some families, its becoming a family business..!
Enjoy it with Iranian tea!



Why it is useful?
Due to the concentration of glucose and protein in the walnut , it is very powerful..!





Writer : Bahare Mirpourian



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