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Rudaki , Father of the Persian poem


Abdollah Jafar-ebn-Mohammad known as Rudaki is the first Persian poet. He was born in 244 AH in Banoj (near Rudak)

He memorized Quran when he was only 8 years old. In the same year he started to writing poetry. He was also played Harp.



Rudaki was one of the most prolific Iranian poets. His poems were between 100,000 to 1,000,000 distiches, but nowadays about 1,000 distiches of his poems are remain that includes a set of verses, couplet poems, pieces, and quotes.

Regular version of Demne and Kelile(an Indian story that Mohammad Balami was translated it from Arabic to Persian) was written by Rudaki(to the order of Amir Naser and Abolfazl Balami)

Unfortunately this literary book has been lost and only a few dispersed distiches of that are available.



Amir Samani liked Rudaki and his poems. He gave a lot of rewards to Rudaki and converted him into one of the wealthiest people of Bokhara.



Amir Samani and Rudaki were travelled to a nice weather region. Amir liked that region so much; so he ordered to Rudaki to write a poem about that region to remember their memories.

Rudaki wrote Boo-e-jooy-e-molian poem wich is one of the most famous poems of this great poet and several singers sang this poem.



He lost his version at the end of his life(some people believe that Rudaki has been blind when he was born; but it can’t be true because he described different colours in his poems)

He came back to banoj and died there in 329 AH

His important couplet books are:

Demne and Kelile (couplet poems) and Sandbad name

His title is “The father of persian poem”.


Rudaki poems



Writer : Ghazaal Ghazanfari

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