Rudkhan castle


Rudkhan castle or  Castle River Fouman, or the name of the old castle Hesami, or the name of the fort Sagasl or fortress thousand stair name and the local name of this castle is  Rudkhan this castle corresponds to the period of Seljuks.



This castle is located in the country of Iran, Gilan province and the city of fouman, this historic castle on the heights, forest city, in the village of river is meant the area of the monument historical 2,6 hectares, is guess, is that there is also the monument in the era of sassanian and concurrent with the attack , to ancient this upon historical distance straight the castle, the city makhlevan 25 km until the shaft 20 km, and village of 45 located is the transformation of land cognitive Castle rokhan fouman to time mezozoik with the two-mode transformation that, the first related to perkambrriyan Reserves Paleozoic, Triassic, that the intensity of alteration is very severe, another is related to the time mezozoiyk that the intensity of the transformation in down the most limit is absolute.



Another Science of Geology, in this world, there is about the castle Rodkhan Fouman, the probability of the existence of reserves of iron in this region is because the news, indicating the existence of a residue after melt in the area of the discovery is high and great station of the fortress, related to the Sassanid period is the period of the construction is also related to the Sassanid period. the castle on the 30 August 1354 to the National Register is reached.



Writer : Zohre Shahverdi



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