Illustrious Persons, Shiraz

Saadi, Iranian famous poet


Abu Mohammad Musharraf-ud-DIN mosleh bin Abdullah bin overlooking the nom de plume ‘ sadi
Saadi, the poet and writer who is well mannered and Rune master to his epithet is given.



Saadi, poet and author of the Full song and famous celebrity person in Shiraz, to the world opened and in Baghdad the most important center of Science and knowledge in the Islamic world in the past to account, came his schooling began, including another dinner and hejaz travel. About the birth of Sa’di, the probability there is a lot, but most likely in the year 606 Ah in Shiraz born.



But some pundits and commentators are also possibilities about the birth, he died in 585 Ah can make.
Saadi poet-filled dungeons that significant names, such as :Afsah almotekalmin, master Rune of Sheikh ajal is known writing style of this poet, known as the Iraqi’s style. Saadi, during his life, reputation, abundance, was that, of course, at this time, too, one of the greatest Persian poets.



His works in India, Asia Minor and Central Asia to the Persian language or to translate available to the people. Saadi, one of the first poets is that his works into European languages have been translated.



The keeper of the poets that influenced the style he is located, and to compose a ghazal). The works of Saadi, later, to the music, too, found his way, and many of the sonnets of his readers, such as : Taj esfahani, Mohammad Reza shajarian and Hossein banan have read.




Gulistan Saadi

Bustan Saadi



Writer : Zohre Shahverdi


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