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Sa’d Abad Palace Museum, Tehran


The aggregate of Sa’d Abad is comprised of about 14 palaces located in the northern most region of Tehran, and enjoys an extremely pleasant climate. Situated in an area of 400 hectares, this aggregate is surrounded by about 180 hectares of natural forests, springs, gardens, greenhouse and avenues covered by trees and flowers. Each of these palaces covered large areas and along with recreational facilities such as pools, lagoons, playgrounds and gardens used to house the immediate family members of the shah.


Mellat Palace Museum, Tehran

This palace was constructed in the aggregate of Sa’d Abad as the resident palace for the Pahlavi family members. Articles present here are valuable Iranian carpets, foreign porcelains and other assets belonging to the Pahlavi Dynasty.



Military Palace Museum, Tehran

This museum exhibits valuable and fabulous paintings and is located in the aggregate of Sa’d Abad.


Reja’t Va Ebrat (King’s Mother Palace) Museum, Tehran

This palace is in the aggregate of Sa’d Abad and in 1971 was utilized as the residence for the Queen Mother. Valuable Iranian carpets and articles brought from Europe can be noted here.

Fine Arts (Kakh-e-Siyah) Palace Museum, Tehran

Originally this palace was constructed for the court ministry. The facade of this palace is in black marble. In the year 1980, this palace was converted into an art gallery, where paintings of Iranian and foreign artists were put on display. It was inaugurated in 1982. This three storeyed palace displayed paintings from the Safavid , Zandiyeh and Qajar periods in addition to paintings of contemporary and European artists of the 17th-20th centuries.



Sabz (Shahvand Palace) Museum, Tehran

This palace was constructed by Reza Khan in 1927 to the north west of Darband on the hillock of Sa’d Abad. This palace has a mirror pavilion, an entertainment area, a dinning room, bed room and an office room. The facade of this palace is ornamented with green stones. The valuable carpets within are masterpieces of reputed Iranian carpet weavers. Most of the decorative articles of the palace had been brought from Europe in the year 1974-75.





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Photographer : Mohammad Bahmani

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