Salad Shirazi


This delicious salad includes cucumbers, tomatoes and onions, with flavors such as verjuice ، olive oil and salt, pepper and dry mint.
Salad Shirazi is known as a national salad in Iran and is the most precious food!



Benefits of Salad Shirazi:
Salad Shirazi is a great salad for the brain!
The combination of onions, tomatoes and cucumbers repairs the cells of the brain and also causes fat burning!
You can add some lemon juice, basmati rice or verjuice to this traditional salad to increase the nutritional value of Shirazi Salad in your main meal!
Because the abundant vitamin C in lemon,sour grapes and orange helps to better absorb the elements in the food like iron, it helps! It is recommended to eat salad Shirazi with meat dishes.



Cucumber is effective in the removal of uric acid, so it is useful for people with rheumatoid arthritis. It is also useful for jaundice. It is a diuretic and mask for the skin.

Tomato is the source of vitamins A, B, C and C. Tomato grains make digestion easy and help cleanse the intestines.
an onion:
Onions, if taken on a regular basis, are helpful in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as preventing heart attacks.



Vinegar and verjuice :
Both sour grape and vinegar are useful for weight loss.
Fructose for the liver, reducing throat swelling and relieving thirst.

Eat salad before or after a meal!
Studies show that salad Shirazi, which consists of several vegetables, is better consumed on its own, and eating it with food in the long run can cause digestion disorder, especially for people with digestive problems.



Writer : Bahare Mirpourian

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